IMG_1931-2Beyond Sober is a sanctuary of an obsession over Japanese culture that revolves around arts, design and literature. Its main focus is to bring over the stories and artistic piece that involved in human emotions and interaction, sense of oddity, and a hint of magic in a realistic or even surrealistic nature. By cultivating the idea from films, animations, literature, design and culture, Beyond Sober will deliver the beauty of Japan from the eyes of its arts and media.


Ever since she was introduced to Sailor Moon almost 20 years ago, Akita has been obsessed with Japanese culture. But it didn’t stop there; her obsession kept on growing after she discovered Miyazaki and Murakami. As she continued being intrigued by the myth, folklores, lifestyle and endless imagination offered by the country of the raising sun, she decided to create this blog to dedicate her love of a country that inspires most of her writing and drawing.


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